KRK Systems unveils affordable KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 headphones for studio work

The Gibson-owned company KRK Systems has introduced relatively inexpensive studio headphones of the new generation. As the manufacturer explained, the fully closed KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 were created for maximum isolated concentrated work with musical materials. The company promised the right stage and good dynamic indicators, which should allow using headphones instead of traditional monitors.

Both models are equipped with 40mm neodymium magnet drivers. The nominal impedance was 36 ohms. Model KNS 6402 can play frequencies in the range from 10 Hz to 22 kHz with a maximum sound pressure of 122 dB. Older KNS 8402s must handle the 5Hz to 23kHz range at 124dB pressure. Among other things, the headphones differ in isolation level: 26 dBA for the KNS 6402 and up to 30 dBA for the KNS 8402.

KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 headphones

As for the design, both new items are made of protected plastic, which is not afraid of deformation. Soft foam ear pads and self-regulating rims are responsible for comfort. The KNS 8402 model received a memory foam and a more “expensive” design. Also, the older version is distinguished by the presence of a remote control on the wire-to adjust the volume.

KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 headphones

The KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 headphones are supplied complete with cables and carrying bags.

KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 headphones

In the US, they asked for $100 for the KNS 6402, and the KNS 8402 model will cost $150.

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