Lector Strumenti Audio Launches Audiophile Grounding Box Model One

The Italian firm Lector Strumenti Audio has released a specialized audiophile grounding device. The model was simply called the Grounding Box Model One. According to the developers, the basis of the device is “a large anamorphic capacitor with a large copper plate and a copper disc mounted on a protective panel”.

The purpose of the Grounding Box Model One is to provide high quality, quiet grounding to “optimize the performance of the musical components”. The Lector earthing box has five connectors connected to an internal passive circuit.

The manufacturer has promised that the device will make the sound clearer and clearer. The Grounding Box Model One comes with two two-meter litz cables with different connectors. Studs and additional cable with connectors are optionally available upon individual request.

In Italy, the Grounding Box Model One cost 4,900 euro.

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