Active wall speakers DALI Oberon On-Wall C: compact model for TVs

The Oberon On-Wall C active speakers were developed specifically for use with televisions. It is enough to simply hang it on the wall on the sides of the screen and enjoy the sound.

In order to properly place all the components in a thin case and create sufficient volume, the acoustics had to be made wider. At the same time, the speakers in the wall-mounted model are the same as in the Oberon 1 C shelves: a 29 mm tweeter and a 5.25-inch midrange / woofer. Unlike the passive version, part of the internal volume was also occupied by amplifiers, two per speaker: each speaker feeds its own 50 W module.

DALI Oberon On-Wall C

The active system is wirelessly connected to the supplied hub, and that is already connected to the TV by cable or via Bluetooth. There are two wired communication options with the TV: optics and HDMI ARC.

The hub is ready to receive a signal at 24 bit / 192 kHz, but only transmits 24 bit / 96 kHz to the speakers. Active Oberon On-Wall Cs are played from 51 Hz to 26 kHz. Fully wireless, however, they cannot be called: each has its own power supply.

DALI Oberon On-Wall C

DALI Oberon On-Wall C will be available for $1,350. The first deliveries will begin in mid-November this year.