Ultimate Ears UE Fits: Headphones with custom-fit ear cushions

Most in-ear headphones come with silicone or foam tips in various sizes and configurations so that each listener can choose the most suitable one. In some cases, lovers of maximum comfort order themselves custom ear tips, created from an impression from the auricle. Ultimate Ears decided to simplify the customization process and released the completely wireless UE Fits headphones with unusual ear cushions.

In these headphones, the ear cushions are filled with a special gel, which is soft at first, but using an app on your phone you can start the curing process. As a result, the ear pads inserted into the ear and taking the shape of the ear canal and part of the auricle will harden in this state – and the listener will receive an individual headphone attachment.

Ultimate Ears UE Fits

The gel begins to harden under the influence of LEDs built into the headphones from above and below – this is due to the rather unusual shape of the model, reminiscent of a propeller. It takes 60 seconds for the gel to harden, and this process is one-time – that is, it will not be possible to soften the gel and start over. However, the company gives 30 days for fitting and lapping.

The headphones themselves are very technologically advanced for a completely wireless model: they support SBC, AAC and aptX codecs, work on a single battery charge for up to 8 hours (with a case – more than 20) and are protected from sweat and moisture. The 10mm drivers are said to produce “full-bodied, warm and detailed sound with deep, crisp, tight bass.” Through the application, you can not only customize the ear pads, but also set up playback controls.

Ultimate Ears UE Fits

The headphones will be available in three colors: gray, purple and navy. At first, the headphones will be sold only in the USA, but there is no exact date yet – the start of sales is scheduled for the fall. The cost of the headphones will be $250.