Audio Precision Introduces APx517B Acoustic Analyzer for Speakers, Microphones and Headphones with Digital Interfaces

The American company Audio Precision has expanded its range of APx500 acoustic analyzers with the APx517B model. The novelty is intended for testing speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets, which can be supplemented with digital or wireless interfaces.

The audio analyzer has its own power amplifier, headphone amplifier, microphone power supply and a digital module with Bluetooth. APx517B-based systems can be used to control product quality – including during production. Moreover, the APx517B, according to Audio Precision, has reduced setup time while maintaining the reliability and accuracy of the results.

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer for Speakers

Since Battery Ventures, of which Audio Precision is a part, acquired the Danish company GRAS Sound & Vibration earlier this year, the APx517B can be expanded with Danish products. For example, it could be a Kemar 45BC head and torso simulator.

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer for Speakers

Another option is the APx517B analyzer with a half-inch measurement microphone from GRAS Sound & Vibration for speaker testing. The kit is shipped from the factory calibrated and ready for use.

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer for Speakers

The APx517B-based system is powered by Audio Precision’s APx500 software suite in conjunction with an ASIO-enabled audio interface. Like the other APx Series analyzers, the APx517B comes with software version 6.0.1. In the future 7th version of the software, support for existing models is promised.

In the US, the basic APx517B acoustic analyzer will cost $6,000.