Gold Note A3 EVO II: Audax tweeter and custom SEAS woofer on aluminum base

The Italian company Gold Note has designated its shelf column A3 EVO II as a “The mini miracle loudspeaker”. As with the older model, the floor coverings with the A6 index, diamond-shaped side panels are used here. They increased the rigidity of the structure and made the contours of the column slightly convex.

A3 EVO II is a two-way shelf with a phase inverter. The upper frequencies are worked out by an inch Audax tweeter with a silk dome, and a 6-inch mid-low frequency speaker with a polypropylene diffuser is made by order of SEAS. The bands are connected by a crossover at a frequency of 2,300 Hz at a steepness of 12 dB/oct. In total, the frequency range of the Gold Note A3 EVO II was 45 Hz-20 kHz with an unevenness of ±3 dB. The nominal resistance of the new product is 6 ohms.

Gold Note A3 EVO II

The role of the bottom wall, and at the same time the base of the cabinet in the A3 EVO II was played by an 8 mm aluminum plate. It can be complemented with an optional full-length stand in HDF lacquered black. The speakers themselves are offered in three finishes: basic glossy black or matt walnut and more expensive glossy walnut.

Gold Note A3 EVO II

In the UK, a pair of Gold Note A3 EVO II speakers were £3,500, and the glossy walnut veneer would cost an additional £300.

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