Frank Acoustics AB 2-Tower: Tower-type subwoofer with plug-in shelves

To turn the shelf speakers into floor speakers was proposed by the Australian firm Frank Acoustics. To do this, it has released the Frank AB 2-Tower subwoofers.

The development is intended to be an addition to almost any shelf monitors and turn them into full-fledged floor monitors. However, the speakers will grow to almost two meters. On the other hand, the AB 2-Tower will take over the bass range, which is beyond the power of the shelves, reproducing what is below the low-frequency limit of small speakers.

Frank Acoustics AB 2-Tower

The speakers themselves are not included in the Frank AB 2-Tower package. It is claimed that the opening in the middle part of the subwoofer towers allows you to install almost any medium-sized two-plane towers in them.

In addition, each AB 2-Tower includes several switchable crossover options that will allow you to coordinate the operation of the subwoofer and the speaker installed in it. In the case of such a subwoofer, there are four 9-inch Scanspeak bass players that can withstand a power of 150 watts.

Frank Acoustics AB 2-Tower

In the US, the cost of the Frank AB 2-Tower kit will range from $6,100 to $8,656.

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