dCS Mosaic has added expanse spatial sound to the DAC amplifier for Bartók headphones

In the update of the specialized Mosaic platform to version 1.1.1, already available on the DCS website, the Expanse audio signal processing algorithm has appeared. This innovation is addressed to the owners of the DAC-amplifier for headphones Bartók. dCS Expanse is, in fact, a DSP processing algorithm for the stereo signal, which allows you to put on headphones and get the sound of the speakers facing the listener.

The fact is that the sound in headphones and speakers is radically different. In headphones, each ear hears only the sound of the corresponding stereo channel. With speakers, everything is different, because the ear hears not one, but both speakers, the sound of which is also supplemented by the reverberation of the room in which they are installed.

dCS Mosaic Bartók

There are already many technologies that mimic the sound of speakers in headphones. Basically, they are based on mixing signals with the addition of reverb. As stated, the developers of Expanse approached the issue more thoroughly, using the results of scientific research and their own developments. To test the Expanse technology, its authors even compiled a playlist with test tracks.

In addition to the Expanse mode, Mosaic version 1.1.1 adds the Tidal My Mix feature for automatically generated tidal playlists and other improvements to viewing, playback, and content management.

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