Audio Engineers has introduced a set of sounds for warming up and adjusting the acoustics

Usually, to warm up the acoustics, audiophiles either simply put on music or turn on special discs. These discs most often contain combinations of pink noise and swipe signals. However, the company Audio Engineers, which aims to bring the sound to the ideal with the help of objective measurements and tests, decided that this noise is not enough — and presented its own set of samples for warming up and adjusting the acoustics.

Their recordings consist of white, pink, blue, brown and purple noise interspersed with frequency packets of tones at different volume levels. But the most effective element of its selection Audio Engineers called a series of broadband sweep signals, increasing and decreasing in amplitude. As stated in the description, it is due to them that a more complete warm-up result is achieved.

A selection of recordings can be used to warm up and configure any elements of the audio system: speakers, headphones, sources, a variety of cables. If you believe the creators, warming up with these recordings will provide a more complete reproduction of high frequencies in a wider range.

After warming up, it is recommended to use the files to adjust the sound — and turn them on regularly, about once a week, until you feel the difference between the sound of the system before and after starting the file. When changing components, it is recommended to carry out the entire procedure from the very beginning — from warming up.

In total, Audio Engineers offered five files: three for warming up the entire system, subwoofer and headphones, and two for setting up the full system and subwoofer. You can download them absolutely for free (although Firefox users may not find the download button) — they are provided in 16-bit WAV. Important: Do not set the maximum volume.

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