Wolf Audio Luna R Stream Server: Compact Enclosure, RF Ground Protection, and Optional Clock Generator

Wolf Audio Systems has released the Luna R audio server. The architecture of the novelty repeated in a more compact case the design of the Alpha 3 SX model, which was updated this year to the Pure Digital Edition. But Luna R immediately became available in this version.

The novelty runs on a modified Windows 10 Pro operating system or a proprietary Linux-based WolfOS. Onboard Luna R – 2 TB of memory (the system is located on a separate SSD with a capacity of 0.25 TB), which can be expanded up to 32 TB.

Wolf Audio Luna R

Luna R can communicate over the network with external hard drives and any NAS system. An updated 24 MHz Flux Capacitor clock generator (Flux Capacitor USB Clock) can be connected to the server via USB. The system was supplemented with a Teac Blu-ray drive with disc copying functions.

The Luna R server is almost omnivorous – the range of audio formats includes FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, SACD, DSF, DFF, etc. PCM signals are processed in a resolution of 16 to 32 bits – at frequencies from 44.1 to 768 kHz. With DSD, the novelty works in DoP and Native versions up to DSD1024. The novelty is compatible with various network services and management systems, including Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal, Audirvana, Roon, JRiver and others.

Wolf Audio Luna R

For the purity of the audio signal, the Luna R is equipped with a microvibration control system. Patent-pending Portals technology is responsible for rejecting radio frequency interference (RFI) and ground noise in the megahertz and gigahertz ranges. Complementing the picture is Audience OHNO’s internal high purity oxygen-free copper wiring.

Through HDMI and DisplayPort, the Luna R can output a picture to a TV or monitor. It is convenient to manage the server with an optional wireless keyboard and mouse. Integration into home automation systems is possible, remote access is provided via a web browser and from an iOS / Android application.

The Luna R minimal-configuration streaming audio server is already available in the US in black or silver for a retail price of $ 4,500. In the Pure Digital Edition with Flux Capacitor and double the persistent storage capacity, the Luna R will cost $ 500 more. Server configuration and its addition with peripheral devices can be selected on the manufacturer’s website for an additional fee.

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