Mark Levinson #5302: double mono in AB class

First, integrated amplifiers appeared in the 5,000th Mark Levinson series, and now it’s time for a separate powerful – model # 5302. This device is built in a dual mono configuration, but can also be used in bridged mode as a mono power.

Mark Levinson #5302

It has a fully discrete design, at the heart of which is a huge 1100 VA transformer with separate secondary windings for the right and left channels, and there are four 10,000 μF capacitors per channel. The voltage amplification circuit was directly borrowed from the amplifier # 534, and at the output there were two high-output driver transistors operating in class A, and six output transistors for 260 V and 15 A. As a result, the amplifier produces 135 W per channel at 8 ohms in class AB, and in bridged mode all 550 watts into 4 ohms.

Mark Levinson #5302

The company paid special attention to cooling and stable operation at any temperature when developing the powerhouse. So, the developers spent a lot of time on the creation of side radiators – now they are designed in such a way as to remove heat as efficiently as possible. They fit into the corporate identity, complemented in this model by silver handles on the front panel.

The amplifier can be controlled via Ethernet, RS-232, IR, using a 12V trigger. An aluminum remote control is included with the # 5302. In the UK the amplifier will cost £8,599.