Underwood DPH-1: Preamp, DAC, and Headphone Amp with Tube and Solid State Outputs

Underwood HiFi and LSA Audio from the USA have presented the DPH-1 headphone amplifier-DAC with headphone amplifier. The novelty was released in the Discovery series – among the models capable, according to the leader of Underwood, Walter Liederman, to provide audiophile quality at reasonable prices.

The DPH-1 has received four digital inputs: coaxial, optical, USB and BNC. Onboard DAC AK 4495 handles PCM up to 24 bit / 192 kHz and DSD 64/128. The two pairs of analog RCA output connectors are labeled “Tube” and “Solid-State”.

Underwood DPH-1

The semiconductor output is complemented by a tube buffer based on the legacy NOS 5670 miniature dual triode from General Electric. True, the signal-to-noise ratio of the lamp output, equal to 90 dB, turned out to be 20 dB lower than that of the semiconductor one.

On the front panel of the DPH-1 there are: an aluminum volume control knob, the same input selector, a 0.25-inch headphone jack, LED indication and a remote control sensor. The power supply operates a transformer with an R-core, Dale resistors, WIMA and Solen capacitors are installed in the circuit. The electronics are protected by a thick-walled aluminum housing.

Underwood DPH-1

For the initial US holiday sale, the DPH-1 will be priced at $ 800. Then it will rise to $1,000.