Definitive Technology and Polk Audio Announce First IMAX Enhanced Certified Speaker

Sound United’s brands Definitive Technology and Polk Audio have announced that some of the company’s acoustic models will receive IMAX Enhanced certification. The list of certified technology includes floor speakers and some center channel speaker models from the Definitive Technology Demand and Polk Audio Legend series.

According to representatives of Sound United, during the certification the company paid attention to the parameters thanks to which the acoustics will be able to reproduce the very proprietary IMAX sound – with the proper dynamics and involvement, with the sound pressure level and frequency response necessary to create this effect.

IMAX has created special frequency response tests that check the acoustics against the required parameters. Whereas previously only sources received IMAX Enhanced certification, now users can assemble a fully certified system – right down to acoustics. Incidentally, the Sound United brands Marantz and Denon were among the first to announce AV-receivers with IMAX Enhanced.

Polk Audio and Definitive Technology allegedly proved to be excellent brands to launch the IMAX Enhanced Speaker Certification program – due to their extensive experience in creating both passive and active speakers.