KBL Sound Himalaya II Cables: Monocrystalline Copper and Silver in Air and Teflon

For its eighth anniversary, the Polish company KBL Sound has released the flagship Himalaya II cable series. These are power, speaker and signal cables that use the simplest design solutions combined with the highest quality materials. New items received a minimalistic black and white design.

The Himalaya II power cables use 9 AWG monocrystalline copper in Teflon, which is protected from oxidation. The conductors are physically separated from each other to reduce mutual influence.

KBL Sound Himalaya II

Tunnel damping has significantly increased the vibration absorption coefficient within the cable. It is equipped with Furutech Fi-48 NCF connectors (Furutech Fi-48 US and IEC C19 options available) and is available in a standard length of 1.8m. Other lengths are available upon request.

Himalaya II interconnect cables also use monocrystalline OOS copper with an air dielectric and screened with a combination of pure, tinned and silver plated copper. The cables are equipped with RCA connectors WBT 0152 Ag Nextgen Signature, XLR Neutrik NC3FXX-WT / NC3MXX-WT.

KBL Sound Himalaya II

Phono cables are also available with RCA connectors from WBT or RCA – 5 DIN (Cardas). Himalaya II series digital cables are available in 75 ohm SPDiF versions with RCA connectors or 110 ohm AES/EBU with XLR connectors. All Himalaya II signal cables are standard lengths of 1 or 1.5 m.

In Europe, a double meter balanced KBL Sound XLR Himalaya II interconnect cable will cost €5,530, a phono cable €5,250 and a power cable €5,560.

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