Earthworks Audio Introduces Icon Microphones for Streaming and Podcasting

Earthworks Audio has launched a line of desktop streaming microphones. So far we are talking about two models: Icon and Icon Pro. Both versions are marketed as products for podcasters, streamers, gamers, and studio and home professionals. One of Icon’s main features is a special stand-holder created in collaboration with Triad-Orbit.

Icon microphones are condenser models with cardioid directivity. The standard model received a USB port for connecting to a computer or interface and a headphone monitor jack. There is a gain control. The Pro model is equipped with a “professional XLR”.

Earthworks Audio Icon Microphones

According to Earthworks Audio, the microphones are easy to use, reliable and of high quality. Both versions received built-in protection from external unnecessary noise and signal correction. Separately, the manufacturer noted the metal case in retro style.

The Pro boasts an extended frequency range and a dedicated capsule for more detailed and rich vocals. The signal rise time is 11.67 microseconds.

Earthworks Audio Icon Microphones

As for the aforementioned Triad-Orbit holder, it features a swivel ball mechanism that will allow you to install the microphone in the desired position. The stand should hold the microphone firmly, even though it is heavy due to the steel body. The holder consists of two modules, allowing the top to be detached for use with any standard microphone stand.

The Icon series will begin shipping in the US in December. For the regular model, they asked for $350, the Pro model will cost $500.