AIRPULSE home monitors with professional potential

Edifier’s new active monitors, the A300Pro, are a hybrid of the A300 bookshelf speakers and the A800 horn loudspeaker. The speaker cabinets are finished with walnut veneer. The tweeter is a ribbon tweeter with a membrane made of aluminum in a horn also made of aluminum. Woofer / midrange – with a 6.5” cone made of aluminum alloy with magnesium.

Each monitor is equipped with a 150W (129W + 30W) power amplifier based on TPA3251 chip, low ripple switching power supply. USB interface – based on XMOS xCore200 platform, audio codec – TLV320AIC3268. The right and left monitors are connected using KleerNet wireless technology based on Qualcomm’s QCC3031 chipset (Bluetooth v5.0) with aptX HD codec support.

Internal wiring – cables from the American company Transparent. USB drivers for Windows – with ASIO support. As the manufacturer assures, the high sound quality of the speakers allows them to be used for professional work in the studio.


Frequency range 40 Hz – 40 kHz, signal-to-noise ratio ≥90dB (A). Dimensions 225 x 385 x 350 mm, package weight 29.4 kg.

The recommended price on the world market is $1500 per pair.

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