Phono stage Lampizator MC2: connection of three tonearms and a full tube circuit

The Polish company Lampizator has once again delighted fans of its unusual audiophile components. The company unveiled its new flagship MC2 Silver phono stage in detail.

The device is based on previous models – including MM1, MM2 and MC1. One of the main features of the new item is the ability to connect three tonearms / turntables.

Phono stage Lampizator MC2

The manufacturer also highlighted the following key points: simple all-in-one design, MM and MC compatibility, balanced XLR outputs and standard RCA, full tube circuitry, separate independent channels for MM and MC, three load modes for MC cartridges, front panel cartridge current meter, premium components, zero feedback.

Phono stage Lampizator MC2

A turntable with an MM cartridge can only be connected via RCA. Both RCA and XLR are available for MC. According to Lampizator, the MC2 phono preamplifier is a truly audiophile product in the company’s corporate identity.

Phono stage Lampizator MC2

On the European market, the cost of new items was 9,900 euros.

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