HiBy R5 Saber: compact portable player with full streaming functionality

HiBy decided to introduce a new version of the R5 — Saber player. According to the developers, the usual R5 plays warmly and softly, but the Saber version “mercilessly cuts through the most complex recordings, pulling out details”.

The model runs Android 8.1 and supports the installation of various applications-hence the full streaming functionality. To process the audio signal, two CS43198 DAC chips were used, capable of working with native DSD256 and deploying MQA 8x. Two OPA1642 work as a LPF, and two AD8397ARDZ work at the amplification stage-they are assisted by a”high-end heat sink system”. Built-in memory — 16 GB, but the player supports cards up to 2 TB.

HiBy R5 Saber

From wireless connections, in addition to Wi-Fi, a two — way Bluetooth player is also available. it can be both a signal receiver and a transmitter. Moreover, R5 Saber supports the UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) codec, which provides signal transmission up to 192 kHz with a bitrate of up to 1.2 Mbit / s, and with optimization for different types of content.

However, this codec is only available for transmitting the signal, and LDAC is used for receiving. You can control the player both from the screen and from your smartphone — just install the HiByMusic app.

HiBy R5 Saber

The battery will last for 18 hours of continuous operation. The player is charged via USB-C, and the same connector is used to connect the R5 Saber as a USB DAC or source. On the upper end there is a 3.5 mm headphone output combined with a linear one and a 4.4 mm balanced one.

In the US, the HiBy R5 Saber will cost $400.

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