The Clarus Sextet air conditioner provides special power for analog digital and high power devices

Clarus, a partner of American Tributaries A/V cable, introduced the Sextet power conditioner. At the time, we announced this model among other new products of Clarus. The manufacturer said that the capabilities of the new product are no less than those of the flagship Concerto, but with fewer outlets. There are six of them in Sextet.

The outlets in Clarus Sextet are divided into three equal groups. The first is designed to power low-power analog components and is equipped with proprietary C-Core filters, which have cores with almost zero magnetostriction (these ferromagnets almost do not change their size when magnetized). Clarus stated that such filtering does not limit the dynamics of analog electronics.

Clarus Sextet

The second two sockets in Sextet are designed for digital audio sources — DACs, CD players, etc. They used the patented development of Clarus — a system of complex multi-level filtration. It is claimed to provide the best AC line noise attenuation for digital components.

Finally, two more outlets are designed for high — power devices, such as terminal amplifiers. It also has a filter system that provides full dynamics for connected devices.

In addition, Clarus Sextet has received protection against power surges in the AC network. It uses complex thermal varistors based on metal oxide (TMOV). In addition, the novelty is equipped with an indication of the correct connection of the ground and polarity.

The Clarus Sext power conditioner in a black or silver finish should be available in mid-February. In the US, its recommended retail price was $2,000.

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