Axiss Europe unveils Japan-made Mustang MM cartridge

Axiss Europe, a German distributor of well-known Japanese manufacturers of equipment for working with vinyl Air Tight and Koetsu, introduced the Mustang MM cartridge to the market. Mustang is Axiss’s own trademark. The company said that the Mustang MM is a Japanese-made cartridge, but did not name the direct manufacturer.

The novelty is suitable for tonearms with a weight of up to 14 grams. For the Mustang MM, the full audio range of 20 Hz — 20 kHz is promised. According to Axiss Europe, it has long been looking for a similar “inexpensive and intense-sounding” pickup.

At the same time, the Mustang MM was described as a universal model that will be suitable for almost all genres of music and will retain “musical cheerfulness and strong passion”.

In Germany, the price of the Mustang MM cartridge from Axiss Europe was 295 euros.

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