Fonolab Unveils SAEC WE-308 Series Tonearm Upgrade Kits

If you suddenly have a Fonolab tonearm from the SAEC WE-308 line, then now it can be updated by replacing some of the components with new ones: Fonolab just offered spare parts kits for modification.

You can replace the steel tube of the tonearm itself( new design), ceramic vertical bearings and branded double knife bearings. To install the modified elements, you will only need a screwdriver and (in some cases) a soldering iron.

Fonolab SAEC WE-308 Series Tonearm Upgrade Kits

Complete with spare parts are detailed illustrated instructions, which indicate which elements of the existing tonearm should be left. Three sets are currently available.

Fonolab SAEC WE-308 Series Tonearm Upgrade Kits

One set includes a tonearm tube with a direct connection of the bayonet connector, a tonearm body, repeat nodes and a shank, a new ring counterweight weighing 80 g, copper wiring with a DIN output connector and an English copy of the instructions. Under the replacement of the entire tube with the base-it remains only to install on it the counterweight and anti-skating regulators.

In the second set there is a counterweight, a tonearm tube and a new output bayonet connector with shell, and the wiring is not decorated with a DIN connector. The third set included only a bayonet connector with shell, which can be installed on any tonearm with an internal tube diameter of 8 mm.

Fonolab SAEC WE-308 Series Tonearm Upgrade Kits

The kits cost 485, 285 and 125 euros, respectively. They are suitable for SAEC WE-308, WE-308N, WE-308L and WE-308SX tonearms.

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