Yello’s “Point” album remixed into Dolby Atmos

Pioneers and patriarchs of electronic music, the Swiss duo Yello, are famous for the quality of recording and accuracy of their tracks. Many of their works are used as test compositions. Yello’s latest album, “Point”, is no exception. The label Universal Music Group decided to create a version of” Point ” in Dolby Atmos.

Remixing the album was assigned to the Munich production company MSM studio group. At its disposal are specialized studios equipped with PMC acoustics in the Dolby Atmos configuration. We have written about these systems many times. PMC speakers were used in the recent Atmos presentation at the Rolling Stones Unzipped Exhibition.


MSM studio group founder and Managing Director Stefan Bock already has experience working with Yello. Bok discussed in detail with Boris Blank from Yello the artistic ideas of the project. Studio Group received perfectly prepared recordings and session files. On the basis of these materials, a version of “Point” in Dolby Atmos format was prepared. Audio engineer David Merkl took part in the mixing.

Boris Blank of Yello listened to the spatial version of the album in the cinema of the Zurich University of the Arts. He referred to the Dolby Atmos version of “Point” as a carefully crafted Yello sound in a new audio dimension. The distribution, price and availability of the album in the new version is still unknown.

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