Loxjie D10 review

Loxjie D10 has a top DAC ESS ES9038Q2M, a cool USB chip from XMOS with ASIO hardware support, the ability to connect via USB, optics or coaxial, support for headphone output and RCA for speakers, as well as a separate power supply system with a USB bus for working with mobile devices. In general, the device is really very interesting.

Accessories & Packaging

Loxjie D10 comes in a large cardboard box with an image of the device itself, the Hi-Res certification logo, and a mention that this is not just a DAC, but a DAC with a built-in amplifier on the headphones. That is, two devices in one. The kit includes: instructions, a Hi-Res Audio sticker and a simple MicroUSB-USB cable for connecting to a PC.


The device is made of metal and has a decent size and weight. The shape of the body is of course quite controversial, but in live the device looks very gorgeous. In the process, the device did not heat up at all. From the bottom there are 4 rubber legs for better grip on the table.

The front side is 6.35 mm headphone output, RCA output to monitors (speakers), coaxial, optical and USB inputs, and an additional MicroUSB port for power. When using it, the USB power supply is significantly reduced. This is specifically designed to connect the DAC to portable devices or devices with low current via USB.

All controls are located on the side of the D10. Adjusting the volume with buttons is certainly unusual, but I quickly got used to it. The remaining 2 buttons are responsible for selecting the input and switching headphones/monitors.

The display is not provided here. The corresponding led on the front of the device tells us about the current mode. To play a Hi-Res or DSD stream, a special led lights up. We also have a separate diode for indicating the audio output to the headphones and the device’s standby mode. The same diodes are used to switch the input, as indicated by the labels below.


Loxjie D10 sounds juicy and very detailed. And just as much as we like the sound from the RCA output, the output to the headphones causes the same satisfaction. Here we have a fairly clear, crystal clear, detailed sound, but for our taste it is somewhat dry and analytical. The high frequencies here are perfectly drawn and quite well prepared for their price. But there is no emphasis on the lower end of the range, which is why music often lacks physicality and fat.

This is of course solved by a simple search of ear/headphones, but here even our favorite and fairly universal Audiosence AQ3 strongly pass. No, the sound from the earphones is great, we can’t say anything here, but it will appeal mainly to fans of neutrality, micro-details and compressed bottom.

We only managed to compensate this with the fullsize Meze 99 Classics. With which the device plays so that you want to applaud standing up. Overall, for its US $90.99 on Aliexpress, it’s just the perfect sound.


Loxjie D10 undoubtedly adds style with its forms that are not obvious for such devices. In a positive way, we would also like to note the component base in the form of a modern ESS ES9038Q2M DAC, USB from XMOS with ASIO support, and a set of operating amplifiers.

The device just sounds great on speakers and will be perfectly sung with some headphones. Something modern detailed and tight this DAC, in our opinion, is strictly contraindicated. Although, we sure there are many fans of this sound. In principle, for its US $90.99 on Aliexpress this is really nice. There is, of course, something to dig up, but given the price tag, it’s just stupid. An excellent inexpensive device that allows you to open good monitors and not the latest fullsize headphones. Great for a tight budget.


Amplifiers: OPA1652, 2 x NE5532
Output level: 100 mW at 32 ohms
Audio resolution: up to 768 kHz/32 bit, DSD512
Inputs: USB, COAX, OPT
Outputs: RCA, 6.35 mm
Dimensions: 200 mm x 89 mm x 60 mm
Weight: 450 g.
OS: Windows XP; MAC OS; Android, iOS

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Loxjie Official site: http://www.loxjie-audio.com/