Product Launch: TOPPING A90 Ultra-High Performance Headphone Amp

TOPPING has released the A90 Headphone Amplifier delivering ultra-high performance designed to be the companion for the D90 DAC.

High output current capability of the A90 allows it to drive low impedance headphones with ease. Furthermore, ultra low noise of 0.2uV and high dynamic range of 145dB drive the most sensitive IEMs without producing any audible noise or dark background.

The A90 provides excellent AC and DC performance as a result of being equipped with NFCA modules (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) along with ultra high-gain feedback technology.

For outputs, the A90 comes with a 4-pin XLR, a 4.4mm Balanced, and a 6.35mm Single Ended port. The Single Ended 25V pp with Balanced 49V pp high output voltage along with high output current and less than 0.1 ohm output impedance, A90 is compatible with a wide range of headphones. It also comes with the three-step gain setting and a wide variety of sensitivity settings that allow the amp to drive sensitive IEMs to power demanding headphones.

The TOPPING D90 A90 combo is sure to provide audio bliss, or just add the A90 to your favorite DAC. Available for order at Apos Audio.

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