Burson Soloist 3X headphone amplifier: branded MCPS and MUSES7232 volume control in class A

Burson Audio unveils Soloist 3X-Performance Headphone Preamp-Amp (Model M-120X). The new product, operating in Class A, uses three sets of proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) and discrete operational amplifiers. In many ways, the Burson Soloist 3X inherits the Soloist model released 15 years ago, which, according to Burson employees, has become fateful for the brand. Soloist 3X-Performance outputs 0.8 watts to each channel in balanced and 0.4 watts in unbalanced connections, without detecting current noise even with headphones with a sensitivity of up to 110 dB.

The MUSES7232 resistive ladder volume control used in the Soloist also works on premium models like the Pass Lab XP-30 or AVM Ovation. At the same time, it is possible to bypass the regulator for cases when, for example, it is more convenient to use the volume control in the signal source.

Burson Soloist 3X headphone amplifier

The Soloist 3X-Performance also provides an upgrade option: DIP8 panels with gold-plated contacts make it possible to replace the standard ones and install opamp of the owner’s choice. The new product received balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs plus an input for bypassing the volume control.

Burson Soloist 3X headphone amplifier

At the same time, there is an adjustable amplifier output and two outputs for connecting headphones: XLR and SE. The Soloist 3X-Performance is housed in a Burson extruded aluminum ribbed casing. Power supply – from an external unit 24V. The novelty was recommended to be used, in particular, with the Composer 3X model (DAC, headphone amplifier, combined preamplifier), assembled in the same case.

Burson Soloist 3X headphone amplifier

The finished Soloist 3X-Performance is slated to begin shipping to customers in late September. Moreover, according to pre-order, before September 15, the price of the model will be $915, while the declared retail price of the Soloist 3X-Performance is $1,144.

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