Electrocompaniet ECI80D amplifier released in white

The Norwegian company Electrocompaniet has the ECI80D integrated amplifier in the Limited Edition White version ready. Until now, this model was produced only in black design, we informed about its appearance on the Russian market at the beginning of the year. The novelty in white finish will join the Classic range – otherwise it completely repeats the black base version.

Electrocompaniet considers the ECI80D to be an entry-level model, but it is capable of delivering a hefty 80 watts per channel for 8 ohm speakers. At the same time, the company assured that the music will sound exactly as it was recorded.

In addition to analog inputs, ECI80D is also provided with digital switching (resolution up to 24 bit / 192 kHz is supported), and the built-in Bluetooth module will allow not only receiving streaming audio from compatible devices, but also transmitting it, for example, to Bluetooth headphones. Also on board is a phono stage for MM cartridges in turntables.

In Europe, the Electrocompaniet ECI80D Limited Edition White will cost 2,500 euros – almost the same as in the basic black color.