Focal Aria K2 936: Aramid sandwich diffusers and Ash Gray leather finish

The French company Focal has announced the release of a limited edition of the Aria K2 936 loudspeakers. The “K2” designation in the name of these speakers appeared due to the fact that the flagship Aria 936 systems were supplemented with speakers with K2 cones.

The Focal Aria 936 K2 Limited Edition

This technology has been used by French designers since the 1986 JMLab Vega and Antea. In the Aria K2 936, the yellow color of the K2 sandwich diffuser is reminiscent of these first models. The modern version of the K2 uses a synthetic ultra-light and rigid fine-pored material enclosed between two layers of aramid and glass fibers.

The three 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) woofers in the Aria K2 936 are complemented by a mid-range driver of the same caliber. A TNF aluminum-magnesium tweeter completes the driver set.

All this is housed in a highly rigid MDF case, in which the PowerFlow bass reflex system is complemented by a downward-pointing port. The body of the Focal Aria K2 936 has been finished in Ash Gray (ash gray) with leather embossing, which is still only available in the top line of Focal Utopia speakers.

The Focal Aria 936 K2 Limited Edition is slated to go on sale in the first quarter of 2021. In the US, these speakers will cost $5,990 per pair.