Kimber Kable Naked – naked truth

The American company Kimber Kable introduced the reference interconnect cable Naked. The novelty is offered both in the regular version with RCA connectors, and in the balanced version with XLR plugs. RCA connectors are custom made by WBT, and XLR balanced plugs are from Kimber Kable’s own production. Soldering of connectors is carried out in an inert gas. After mounting the plugs, finished products are subjected to cryogenic processing.

Kimber Kable Naked interconnect cable conductors are made of pure copper (24 AWG mono-con) and coated with palladium and gold. Mono-wires are stripped of insulation and woven into a pigtail that is traditional for brand cables. To separate the cores, the conductors alternate with cotton threads, which ensure the constancy of geometry along with the flexibility of the cable.

Gold protects copper from corrosion, and the palladium layer between copper and gold prevents diffusion and prevents the formation of an alloy that has mediocre conductive properties.

The absence of polymer insulation eliminates energy loss for the reorientation of polymer molecules and allows the manufacturer to position Kimber Kable Naked as “organic cables”. At the same time, cotton has excellent dielectric properties and has a beneficial effect on signal transmission.