Yamaha YH-E700A and YH-E500A: wireless headphones that care for your ears

Yamaha has burst into the world of modern wireless headphones loud and large with many different models in the Stay True line. Two of them – YH-E700A and YH-E500A – have received noise canceling functions and solid batteries. All models in the series feature the Listening Care system, which allows you to enjoy music at low volume, without missing out on details and any frequency ranges.

The YH-E700A is a full-size model with a bulge on the outside of the cups, reminiscent of the brand’s studio models. This is the oldest model in the series, and it has received the best technologies: the Listening Optimizer system, which adjusts the sound of the headphones to the listener’s ears in real time, taking into account how the headphones, for example, move when walking, or adjust the sound depending on the location. received an advanced noise cancellation system, the main feature of which is the absence of any effect on the sound of the headphones: it is stated that in the mode with and without noise reduction, the headphones play the same way. There is also a noise transmission mode.

The large cups have touchpads used to control playback. The YH-E700A sources are connected via Bluetooth 5.0 using the aptX Adaptive codec. The battery of the model will last for 35 hours of continuous operation. The design with swivel earcups will allow you to store such large headphones with comfort. The younger brother of the flagship, YH-E500A, is slightly more compact: these are on-ear headphones, which, unlike the older model, lack the Listening Optimizer function. These earbuds have 38 hours of battery life on a single charge – with noise canceling on.

Both new items will go on sale in December this year, the flagship Yamaha YH-E700A will cost $350 in the US, and the younger YH-E500A – $180. Both models will be available in black and white colors.

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