FURUTECH cleans your power supply

The Japanese company introduced the NCF Clear Line device designed to reduce noise in the power grid. Estimated price in Japan – 22,800 yen (over 215$). The novelty is installed in any free socket or power distributor.

All metal parts of the device were processed according to the proprietary alpha process (immersion in liquid nitrogen or helium with a temperature from -196 to -250 degrees), and then subjected to demagnetization.

The body is made of a mixture of nylon, fiberglass, nanoparticles of ceramics and carbon dust in a strictly defined ratio, to which a special NCF material has been added, which helps to remove electrostatic charges. The internal structure of the device is not revealed. According to the manufacturer, it significantly improves the sound, reducing noise and making the scene more transparent.

Dimensions 39.5×88.4mm, weight 69g.

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