SOtM sNI-1G: Ethernet card for high-end audio

The Korean company SOtM has released the sNI-1G audiophile network card. SOtM sNI-1G in the format of a standard expansion board was presented the year before last. Its main purpose is to minimize noise from the Ethernet port while meeting all required networking standards.

For this purpose, the new product received a PCI Express Ethernet chipset – it supports PCI Express 1.1 or higher. On the network, it operates at speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps. There is also a Giga Lite 500 Mbps mode.


To reduce intrinsic noise and improve noise immunity, the sNI-1G has a separate transformer and common mode filter for each signal line. In addition, the circuit provides a subsonic noise filter.


The M.2 connection interface is equipped with a filter and signal buffering circuit between the PC motherboard and the network card. Thus, the new product was able to block power supply noise from the motherboard. In addition, an external clock generator and a clean power supply module can be connected to the sNI-1G.


In the standard configuration, the SOtM sNI-1G ehernet card will cost $350 in the United States. For an additional $600, it can be supplemented with the proprietary sCLK-EX clock generator.

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