Horns FP12 MK2: rack-mount two-way speakers with polymer concrete front panels

The Polish audio brand Horns (it belongs to the wide-profile company Autotech) has already presented the second version of the FP12 acoustics – Horns FP12 MK2. These are rather large two-lane tubes with 75 liter bodies. They are installed on special massive stands – the speakers have received a not too familiar, “chunky” silhouette.

To achieve a sensitivity of 93 dB, the speakers are equipped with a high-mid-range horn design. This is an inch aluminum diaphragm tweeter. Horns has accumulated considerable experience in the creation of horn systems – in its portfolio there are even two-meter horns.

In FP12 MK2, the horn is molded in a one-piece front panel made of special polymer concrete. The 12-inch woofer is also fixed here. The rest of the body is made of 38 mm thick MDF.

Horns FP12 MK2

The cabinet is neatly lined with veneer, and the choice of species and colors is very wide. On the back there is a pair of speaker cable terminals from WBT. Together with the complete stand, the Horns FP12 MK2 speaker weighs 60 kg.

In Europe Horns FP12 MK2 acoustics will cost 5,500 euros.

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