Bang & Olufsen, Lowther and Leak recreate Jimi Hendrix’s original home stereo

Handel & Hendrix is ​​a project dedicated to composer Georg Handel and guitarist Jimi Hendrix. The founders of the foundation have set themselves a mission to preserve the heritage of musicians.

As for Handel, Handel & Hendrix are committed to preserving his house museum in London’s Mayfair district. The situation with Hendrix is ​​the same: Handel & Hendrix decided to restore and show everyone the atmosphere of the guitarist’s apartment, where he lived in the late 60s. At the same time, Hendrix’s apartment is also located in Mayfair, literally in the next building.

Among other things, Handel & Hendrix decided to recreate Jimi Hendrix’s musical setup. It’s about his stereo system, which he “loved to listen to to the fullest”.

Bang & Olufsen, Lowther and Leak recreate Jimi Hendrix's original home stereo

According to the organizers of the project, Hendrix listened to vinyl on a Bang & Olufsen turntable connected to a Leak amplifier. The signal was output to Lowther speakers. At that time, the system was considered expensive and powerful.

Until recently, the Jimi Hendrix Museum Apartment on Brook Street was not equipped with real working audio components, but the curators of the project decided to fix this. They turned to Bang & Olufsen, Leak and Lowther to provide them with original working components.

It is already known that Bang & Olufsen donated a Beogram 1000 turntable from the 60s to the project, Lowther donated a pair of refurbished Acousta 115 speakers, and Leak donated a Stereo 130 amplifier, which is based on the 1963 Stereo 30 model (Hendrix had this one).

In honor of this event, as well as in honor of Hendrix’s birthday, Handel & Hendrix filmed a video demonstrating their setup. Visitors to the museum apartment will be able to enjoy the Hendrix system live.