Heavenly Soundworks Five17: Powerful Bookshelf Audio System for Audiophiles and Studios

The American brand Heavenly Soundworks has released the Five17 active bookshelf speaker system, the most compact in the active speaker line.

Oddly enough, the system is designed for both audiophile listening and professional use. According to the company, their development immediately solves all the problems that audiophiles face on the way to building a system, and allows you not to worry about unnecessary costs, combining components and achieving perfect sound: everything has already been counted and calculated for us and packed in a three-band shelf format.

Heavenly Soundworks Five17

“You don’t need expensive DACs, amplifiers, preamps, cables and power conditioners, receivers and tuners, and so on. All these complex things are already built into the system, you just need to connect the source, and we have taken care of the rest”, – said in the description of the acoustics. The developers also stated that they were able to create a device with “sounding as close to ideal as possible out of the box”.

Thanks to the use of DSP in the Five17, it was possible to achieve perfect coordination of the timing and phase characteristics of the speakers, as well as improve the crossover performance. As a result, on the presented graphs, the frequency response in the interval from 30 Hz to 20 kHz varies within ± 1 dB, and in general the system is ready to play from 24 Hz to 20 kHz.

Heavenly Soundworks Five17

The developers have highlighted three special presets, designed to provide the perfect listening experience at a specific volume level. They are based on the latest research on the sensitivity of the human hearing to sounds at different volumes. You can change presets, as well as the volume itself, from the included remote control.

Heavenly Soundworks Five17

The total power of the system was 350 W: 125 W each go to the woofers and midrange speakers, and another 100 W goes to the tweeter. Each radiator has its own class D amplifier using NCore technology. The active multi-layer 5 “woofer is assisted by two 8” passive radiators with aluminum alloy diaphragms installed in the side walls.

Heavenly Soundworks Five17

The midrange is handled by a 3.5-inch speaker with a diaphragm made of the same material as the passive woofers. The one-inch tweeter has an impregnated soft dome and a high-power neodymium magnet with ferrofluid cooling and radiators.

XLR, RCA, AES, SPDIF and optics are available from the connections. The acoustics were offered in three veneer finishes: zebrano, mahogany and ebony. Each speaker weighs just under 11 kg and measures 38.7×21.6×29.2 cm.

A pair of Heavenly Soundworks Five17s will cost $10,000 and speaker stands can be purchased for an additional $1,000.

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