Updated Moonriver Audio Model 404 Reference amplifier gets improved power supply

Moonriver Audio announced the release of an updated version of the Model 404 amplifier – we wrote about it earlier. The improved Reference modification is only slightly different in appearance and received several minor changes in the signal circuit. The main difference between the Model 404 Reference and the regular version is the power supply.

Divided into two independent modules (for preamplifier and power), the power supply has become more capacious due to the use of additional capacitors. According to the manufacturer, the capacity has doubled.

Moonriver Audio Model 404

From an end-user perspective, the upgrade gave more dynamics, detail and depth. The scene has become more distinct and voluminous. According to Moonriver, the bass turned out to be “confident”, and each musical instrument has its own specific place in the stereo soundstage.

The manufacturer also drew attention to the WBT nextgenTM acoustic terminals, an improved chassis with reduced vibrations and a modified base (support legs). In addition, both the standard and the new improved model will eventually receive additional optional modules that can be purchased by the owners of the devices.

Moonriver Audio Model 404

In the European market, the Model 404 Reference Integrated Amplifier will begin sales in December at a price of 4,500 euros.

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