Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch: improved fixation, HiFi CX amplification and transparency mode

It is no coincidence that Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch headphones received an extended name instead of the next serial number. From the Melomania 1 released a year and a half ago, they are radically distinguished by the design of the case with a glossy touch panel. The headphones have got a special support for fixing them in the auricle. According to the developers, about 3,000 pairs of human ears were analyzed before.

According to Cambridge Audio, the principle of operation of the new product’s audio path is similar to that used in amplifiers from the CX series. The headphones are promised a more accurate soundstage, reduced noise and increased dynamic range. The graphene-coated speaker membranes have grown in diameter by more than a millimeter, which will allow you to count on deep bass.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch

In addition, Melomania Touch has been equipped with a new feature – transparency mode. In it, the sound is supplemented by the signal from the microphones to hear what is happening around.

The mode is activated on the touch panel, from which all the main functions of the headphones are available: control of playback and volume, start and end of a telephone conversation, call Siri or Google Assistant. Transparency settings, like other Melomania Touch features, are available in the Melomania iOS or Android app.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch

Melomania Touch headphones are IPX4 certified. The built-in microphones use Qualcomm Clear Voice Capture (cVc) noise canceling technology for high-quality communication. The charging case of the novelty is trimmed with soft leather and decorated with the logo with the inscription “Great British Sound” inside.

The operating time of the model remained unchanged. In medium intensity mode, the earbuds’ rechargeable batteries provide 9 hours, and the case allows you to charge them three more times. The set includes a choice of silicone inserts and fixing fins of different sizes.

Available in white or black, the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch headphones will be available from 1 January 2021. In Europe they will cost 140 euros.

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