Mytek Digital Unveils Fully Updated 2021 Catalog

Mytek Digital started the year with the announcement of a number of new products. The catalog was significantly expanded and updated thanks to the opening of a new factory in Poland and the cessation of production of most outdated products. All new devices will be based on the Roon OS and Linux OS platforms. Among the most significant models of 2021, Mytek highlighted the flagship streamer Empire, which will be assembled in the United States. The release of the streamer was known in September last year, but the company did not announce a specific release date.

The rest of the products will be handled by the Polish factory. Among these are the following devices: headphone amplifier THX AAA Liberty, the Liberty II Converter DAC support PCM/DSD/MQA/HPA, a Phono stage with built-in transformer Liberty Phono Preamplifier, amplifier type dual mono Power Amp Brooklyn+, UMTS Brooklyn Bridge II platform Roon, a power amplifier dual mono Power Amp Manhattan, the network system is DAC/amp Manhattan Bridge and Empire kilowatt monoblock Mono module GanFET.

Mytek Liberty DAC II

Each series has its own idea. The components of Liberty are music devices where everything is focused on one main function. The Brooklyn series models, on the contrary, were created with the expectation of a large number of functions and versatility.

Mytek Liberty THX AAA

Manhattan components are a high-end technology that is designed to give “the best quality in its class”. Finally, the new Empire series is the most technologically advanced premium devices designed for the most sophisticated audiophiles.

Mytek Liberty THX AAA

As for prices, the most affordable devices will be Liberty (from $1,000), and the most expensive — Empire (up to $20,000). A list of all devices and the cost (for the United States) can be found on the company’s website.

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