Audiozen P-Stone: Si-C MOSFET Power Amplifier

Italian company Audiozen Audio has unveiled the P-Stone stereo power amplifier, which uses a class AB Si-C MOSFET output stage based on quasi-complementary symmetry silicon carbide. This solution is complemented by a Baksandal diode, which eliminates the local Miller effect and provides excellent linearity at high frequencies.

Audiozen P-Stone

Silicon carbide is characterized by the highest strength and the ability in MOSFET technology to provide an increase in switching speed – Si-C MOSFETs are three times faster than classical silicon MOSFETs, and the minimum input and output currents of elements based on silicon carbide are an order of magnitude lower than that of a conventional MOSFET. The high thermal conductivity of silicon carbide, which is approximately three times higher than that of silicon components, has reduced the requirements for the design of the cooling system.

Audiozen P-Stone

The novelty is clothed in an all-aluminum body and equipped with high-quality audiophile connectors. But the main innovation is located on the front of the amplifier. Here’s how the manufacturer describes it:

“Innovation, we are the first brand equipping a power amp with a couple of analog indicators which use words instead of numbers. The level of enjoyment meters is divided into as many pleasures areas, from the subdued and meditative level of volume “zen” to the first watt of power for the hot “sex” zone preparatory to the central zone “fun”, evocative of a pure fun listening experience, reaching, by increasing the volume, the visceral “gig” (concert, live event) zone.”

Audiozen P-Stone

Audiozen P-Stone Power Amplifier Specifications:


Si-C Mosfets Dual Mono Power Amplifer

Output Power @ 8 Ω – 4 Ω

150 – 300 Watts Per Channel



Toroidal Transformers

2 X 350 VA

Power Si-C Mosfets

6 X Channel

Frequency Response

5 – 150.000 Hz +/- 3dB

Sensitivity/Input Impedance

1 Volt/10 KΩ

Available Finishes

Silver & Black


450 X 185 X 415mm (WxHxD)


18,3 Kg

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