AKG introduced the Y600NC and Y400 wireless headphones: Talk Thru and Ambient Aware with and without ANC

AKG introduced two models of overhead wireless headphones at once. First of all, they differ in the size of the emitter. The older, Y600NC, received 40mm speakers, and the younger, Y400-more compact, 36mm. “NC” in the name of the older model indicates the presence of active noise reduction. In addition to active noise reduction, the Y600NC is also able to provide sound penetration from the outside.
The size has affected the size of the built-in battery: the Y600NC is able to work on a single charge for more than a day — 25 hours. Y400-5 hours less. But the Y400 has a compact folding design and weighs almost half as much as the older model — only 170g. The design of ear pads made of memory foam and protein skin is also different: the larger one surrounds the ear, the smaller one lies on it over the entire area.

James Kitto, Vice President of sales for Samsung in the UK and Ireland (the AKG brand is now owned by this Corporation) presented the new products as follows: “owners of headphones will get a design and construction of Studio quality, as well as the opportunity to enjoy music exactly as it was conceived by the author — balanced and realistic”.

The AKG branded app allows you to configure the operation of Y600NC headphones. It allows you to select the volume level of the surrounding sound, which is responsible for “awareness” of the external environment, as well as configure the equalizer settings. In addition, the app will allow you to update the firmware of your headphones.

Both models work with Bluetooth 5.0. both use Talk Thru and Ambient Aware technologies. The first is designed to increase the clarity of speech in conversations, the second-to ensure a balance between noise reduction and the display of the external sound environment, as well as to eliminate unwanted reverberation. The older model is available in black, gold or silver trim, and there are even more design options for the younger model: black, blue, green, pink or rose-gold. In the UK, the AKG y600 NC headphones cost 200£, while the Y400 will cost 110£.