Tidal Audio in collaboration with Bugatti released the Royale series of acoustics

The German company Tidal Audio has announced the beginning of cooperation with the car brand Bugatti. The Tidal for Bugatti range starts with the Royale series acoustics. These are active systems with built-in multi-channel amplifiers.

Like many other manufacturers, tidal audio uses accuton speakers in its models. The new products have a three-way front grouping of speakers, which was supplemented by four subwoofer drivers in the side walls. Crossovers or active electronics are mounted in separate sealed boxes-so the “microphone” effect is reduced.

Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale series

According to tidal, at the beginning of the partnership with bugatti, two limited series of acoustics will be released — royale edition blanc and royale edition noir. The trim of the speakers follows the design of Bugatti, laid down in the geometry of the streamlined aerodynamic cabinets. two main technologies of acoustic enclosures are offered: three-dimensional monococque and duotone, with double walls. The surfaces can be covered with Bugatti’s signature varnish, carbon or polished Macassar veneer.

Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale series

The 160-kg speaker housings made of Tiralit’s proprietary material use aluminum, stainless steel and precious metals. They are complemented by mother-of-pearl frosted glass of various colors and structures obtained as a result of sandblasting. Naturally, the customer can count on a custom version of the design. The front panels will be decorated with the Bugatti logo.

Tidal Audio Bugatti Royale series

Tidal audio has not yet provided information about the cost of bugatti speakers.

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