Spotify has come up with a system for promoting content based on artist requests

Spotify has announced a new content promotion system. First of all, the innovation will affect the musicians themselves. The bottom line is that Spotify decided to launch an algorithm that allows artists to influence the promotion of their songs.

For example, if the AC / DC group decides that the service should temporarily focus all its efforts on the new single “Shot in the Dark”, then it will be so: the algorithm will start to insert this song into thematic playlists and promote it in other ways. In return, the creators of the service will cut royalties, but only for the duration of the promotional promotion.

Spotify believes that musicians won’t lose anything, but rather gain, as the ability to “manually” manage the promotion of their content will allow artists to attract more attention to their work – and to do it when needed. In addition, Spotify decided that a user who accidentally hears a new interesting penalty in the collection can already return to the track (or album) himself, which will allow the artist to earn money from “direct” auditions.

So far, the entire system described above works only in test mode.