Denon DL-A110 MC cartridge: heir to the legendary DL-103 head

Denon has unveiled a number of exciting products to celebrate its 110th anniversary, including the DL-A110 MC head, which is based on developments pioneered by Denon in the 1960s to create the first cartridge, the DL-103, which was practically used on every Japanese radio station and then went on free sale.

According to a press release, the coil in this cartridge is hand wound, and the shell is identical in shape to the shells of the very first models created for broadband FM radio stations in Japan. The shell color, however, is unusual – like all devices of the line, it is painted in a silvery-graphite color.

It is said to hold the cartridge firmly in place, providing stability and perfect placement, resulting in a balanced and detailed sound with deep bass. The developers especially noted the high-quality channel separation, low mechanical impedance and extended bandwidth.

The connector is a 4-pin SME, and the cartridge weighs only 6 grams. The anniversary DL-A110 is slated for sales in November 2020, and the cartridge will cost 599 euro in Europe.

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