DALI Oberon 1 C active speakers: for small spaces and low volumes

The youngest speakers in the youngest active line from DALI – Oberon 1 C – are designed to work in small rooms and at low volume levels. In terms of design, the active version differs from the passive other in the implementation of the crossover with DSP and the presence of two amplifiers – one per speaker.

DALI Oberon 1 C

The drivers are the same: a 29mm soft dome tweeter and a 5.25 ”mid / woofer with a proprietary wood pulp cone. Thanks to its compact size and wireless connection to the hub, the acoustics can be placed anywhere in the room – but within 10 m from the hub. But you will need sockets: each speaker requires a network connection, so they are not completely wireless.

If you believe the description, the acoustics plays from 39 Hz to 26 kHz and reproduces a signal with quality up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. Like the rest of the series, the Oberon 1 C is available in four colors: white and light oak with light gray grilles, and black and dark walnut with dark gray grilles.

DALI Oberon 1 C

The start of sales of DALI Oberon 1 C is scheduled for mid-November, the cost of a pair of shelves complete with a wireless Sound Hub Compact module will amount to 1100$.