Dynaudio Heritage Special: A Tribute to the Company’s History

Dynaudio decided to create an acoustics that “embodies the entire heritage of the brand” and developed the Heritage Special. According to the developers, this is a tribute to the most legendary Dynaudio shelf units.

The design is full of homages to various iconic Dynaudio techniques: in appearance you can see references to Crafft released in 1989, to the first Contour from 1986, to the anniversary Special Twenty-Five from 2002 and even to Sapphire, which appeared in 2008. And the development of new products was carried out in the strictest secrecy.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

They decided to produce such a unique model entirely in Denmark: the cases and speakers were made in Skanderborg, the crossovers were developed there, and assembled nearby – in Orsens, at the facilities of Holms Radiofabrik.

Special attention was paid to the corps. They are made of thick, 19mm MDF and decorated with carefully selected American walnut veneer: it is matched to each pair of speakers so that the two speakers are perfectly matched to each other. Each veneer, from the wide sidewalls to the thinnest stripes on the bezel, is said to be perfectly aligned with its neighbor. Internally, spacers provide stiffness and a layer of bitumen helps to reduce resonances.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

After gluing and decorating with veneer, the acoustics dries up and goes for manual processing: it is sanded, cleaned, varnished in two layers before finishing. Then the speakers and all the electronics are installed in the cases.

For such an iconic model, Dynaudio took the best emitters: the tweeter visually repeats the Esotar T330D, but its filling is from the modern 28 mm Esotar 3, with a larger acoustic chamber, a neodymium magnet and an anti-resonant Hexis inner dome. The 18W75 XL Heritage Special MSP speaker, specially designed for this model, is responsible for the mid and low frequencies.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

The exponential profile of the 18cm magnesium silicate cone is reminiscent of the Evidence Platinum speakers, but the Heritage Special has a more advanced coil (classic design but glass fiber base), a hybrid magnet system with ferrite and neodymium magnets, and a Nomex coil suspension from Confidence and Contour II.

The first-order crossover, according to the company, is assembled from the best components selected in Mundorf. Key elements are engineered to Dynaudio specifications, and Evo Oil capacitors are used at the most critical points in the signal path. The board also provides for local impedance adjustment separately for each tweeter and midrange / woofer – as well as a phase adjustment circuit, which ensures a seamless transition between the speakers.

Dynaudio Heritage Special

Internal wiring is from van den Hul, 12 AWG thickness. Damping material – Swedish polyester. The WBT 710 Cu mC NextGen terminals are located at an angle on the rear aluminum wall in a niche. Above the terminals, under the name “Heritage Special”, is the serial number of a specific pair of acoustics – in total 2,500 pairs will be released.

The unique Dynaudio Heritage Special is already on sale at a price of 6,000 euros.