Moondrop Blessing2:Dusk: more sub-bass and neutral middle

The Chinese company Moondrop once released the Blessing2 in-channel monitors. Now the model is back in the Blessing2 variant:Dusk, which differs from the classic version by the sound settings made according to the recommendations of crinacle, a blogger specializing in in-channel monitors.

It is claimed that the feature of the model is that the headphones themselves have a sound that is perceived as neutral and does not have any special distortions. The crinacle version has a slightly raised sub-bass and a slightly softer upper middle. Technically, the version from crinacle does not differ from the classic version — the only difference is in the settings. The dynamics and design remain the same, as it reduces the cost of production.

Moondrop Blessing2 Dusk

The headphones themselves have a hybrid configuration: in 3D-printed cases with an external aluminum cover, there are four reinforcement emitters and one dynamic one.

According to the developers, they play from 9 Hz to 37 kHz, have an impedance of 22 Ohms and a sensitivity of 117 dB. Two-pin connectors are used for connecting the cable.

Moondrop Blessing2 Dusk

Moondrop x crinacle Blessing2:Dusk is only $10 more expensive than the regular version: $330 instead of $320.

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