New Vertere Acoustics SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB Super Groove PTA series tonearms

Vertere Acoustics has introduced two new Super Groove PTA series tonearms. Both models, SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB, are made exclusively from high quality materials, including carbon fiber, steel, brass, aluminum and silicon nitride ceramics.

The Tri-Pivot mechanism of the tonearms is based on three balls, an acetal retaining ring and a steel tip. The balls are made from the silicon nitride mentioned above. The manufacturer said the Tri-Pivot system helped get rid of vibrations. The tonearm tube is made of carbon fiber. The company used a special roll-to-roll method that made the tube more durable. The shell material depends on the version: the SG-PTA used aluminum, the SG-PTA HB titanium. It is attached to the tube with a special metal insert.

Vertere Acoustics SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB Super Groove PTA series tonearms

The stainless steel spindle is connected to the aluminum mechanism that supports the tube, the main counterweight and the anti-skating mechanism. Depending on the version, the arm is equipped with Vertere or Vertere HB wiring.

The downforce is regulated by a steel ring on the tube. According to the company, the correctly calculated position of this ring and the main counterweight made of chrome-plated brass will allow the resonant frequency of the tonearm and cartridge to be tuned as accurately as possible for optimal music reproduction.

Vertere Acoustics SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB Super Groove PTA series tonearms

The total weight of the tonearm is 428g, the effective length is 240mm. The cost depends on the version. For the SG-PTA on the European market, they asked for about 2 650 euros, the model SG-PTA HB will cost 4 650 euros.


  • New precision Tri-pivot bearing with ultra-low stiction
  • New Headshell – Aluminium for SG-PTA and Titanium for SG-PTA HB
  • Heavier decoupled counterweight with adjustable outriders for easy azimuth adjustment
  • Heavier sliding effective mass /arm cartridge resonance/tracking weight fine-tuning adjuster
  • Custom Vertere or Vertere HB internal wiring
  • Machined from solid PTFE Arm DIN connector with precision machined Vertere connectors
  • All connections are custom manufactured and triple gold-plated.

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