TAD Reference M700 and M700S Amplifier: end-to-end symmetric BTL circuitry in Aluminum chassis

The Japanese company TAD combines two of its Reference series amplifiers, the M700S and M700, and this is logical, since the stereo M700S in bridging is the M700 model. Their parameters, respectively, are identical or differ by half.

The first is the signal-to-noise ratio – it is better than 125 dB. And the distortions at full power and kilohertz frequency correspond to less than 0.005%. The power for 4-ohm speakers is 2×350 W for the M700S or just 700 W for the M700.

TAD Reference M700 and M700S Amplifier

These (and not only) performance figures allowed TAD to declare that the new products “take the reproduction of music in its purest form to new heights.” For this purpose, the M700 is built in an end-to-end symmetric BTL (bridge transformerless) architecture.

The input stage is assembled according to a simplified scheme on a matched pair of selected field-effect transistors. The total capacity of custom capacitors in the power supply reaches 33,000 uF. The new DC servo amplifier stabilizes the gain and is resistant to changes in operating temperature and input signal magnitude.

TAD Reference M700 and M700S Amplifier

All this, plus transformers for 2, 8 kVA and more, is installed in a cast aluminum case with a low center of gravity and, accordingly, a radical resistance to any vibrations.

The height-adjustable feet extend beyond the clearance for even greater stability. Together with the electronics and the upper casing of massive metal plates, such a device weighs 75.5kg. The speakers should match.

TAD Reference M700 and M700S Amplifier

In Europe, a pair of TAD Reference M700 monoblocks will cost 90,000 euros, the M700S costs 56,000 euros.

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