Accustic Arts Preamp III: Selected OPA 627 Opamp and Digital Volume

The Preamp III is classified by the German company Accustic Arts as an audiophile reference device. The company is true to its traditions: the basic principles of the new product – a fully balanced circuit and a class A output stage – were followed, for example, in the Preamp 1 Mk3, released 14 years ago.

The presence in the circuit of the carefully selected Burr Brown OPA 627 opamp can also be considered traditional. Despite the tradition, the novelty is equipped with a high-resolution display, on board – a 4-channel digital volume control. The circuit is powered by a 50 VA toroidal transformer in a magnetically shielded sealed enclosure.

Accustic Arts Preamp III

For the preamplifier, the stated frequency range extends from DC to 120 kHz with a flatness of -0.5 dB. This is at a signal-to-noise ratio of -100 dB (weighted) and a THD + N distortion level of better than 0.002%.

Preamp III allows you to choose from three balanced XLR inputs and two unbalanced RCA inputs. Another RCA input is configured as Surround-Bypass. The signal is output via two pairs of connectors – also available in XLR and RCA versions.

Another pair of XLR and RCA outputs with a 0-180 ° phase switch are made specifically for an external headphone amplifier. At the same time, the Preamp III itself already has such an amplifier, and the headphones can be connected to the 6.35 mm stereo jack.

Accustic Arts Preamp III

The novelty is assembled by hand in Germany in a silver or black case from massive aluminum panels (the standard remote control is made in the same style). The rotary controls are machined from solid chrome-plated brass.

The cost of the Accustic Arts Preamp III has yet to be announced.

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