Ricable has updated Invictus, Magnus and Magnus Power cables

Italian AV cable manufacturer Ricable has unveiled the updated Invictus Speaker Reference, Magnus Speaker MKII and Magnus Power MKII.

The Invictus Speaker Reference now features two 7.6mm² Copper Marc conductors, R-Tec dual dielectric, OFC copper RCC connectors and dual shield. According to the company, the updated model has a reduced noise level.

Ricable has updated the speaker cables

The Magnus Speaker MKII speaker cable now differs from the basic version by the presence of a shield, and the Magnus Power MKII has received a second additional layer of shielding made of aluminum and mylar.

Ricable has updated the speaker cables

As for the prices, in the European market for the improved Invictus Speaker Reference they asked for about 1,200 euros (a set of two 2 m cables), the Magnus Speaker MKII will cost 300 euros (two 2 m cables), and the Magnus Power MKII with a length of 1 , 5 m also costs about 300 euros.

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