ADMM ADOT MC01 Audiophile fiber optic link will cut off electrical noise and crosstalk

The British company Audiophile Digital Music Masters (ADMM) has released the ADOT MC01 Hi-Fi fiber optic unit.

The point of its application is to completely isolate the electronic units from possible mutual influences through the electrically conductive cables – in this case the network cables. The digital signal in the MC01 is converted from electrical to optical form and transmitted via fiber optic cable.


For this purpose, two ADOT MC01 modules connected optically via SFP interface are installed in the audio system. One of them is connected to the router via twisted-pair cable, and the second one is connected to the audio component via its patchcord. If the system uses a network switch with SFP – for example, the audiophile Melco S100, equipped with two such ports – one ADMM ADOT MC01 module will be sufficient.


The ADMM ADOT MC01 is a complete kit with a universal power adapter. In addition to it, the firm offered the MC02 kit with a linear power supply and the MC03 kit with a custom low-noise Plixir linear power supply equipped with 3-stage noise suppression.


A basic ADMM ADOT MC01 fiber optic kit will cost £350 in the UK.

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